Shots Fired At Susky Smallmouth Anglers

KaylaI received this disturbing message from one of our fans today. Kayla and her dad were fishing in Northeast PA on the North Branch of the Susquehanna River and they were fired upon by someone accross the river.

They thought initially it was a careless person but when they tried to make themselves known, they were fired on again.

Here was the message:

If you could post a warning to people fishing the susquahanna around nescopeck, PA, I would appreciate it. Today I was fishing with my dad and someone shot across the river at us. The bullet landed in the water about 12 feet to my left and my dad yelled across to them to let them know we were there and they fired another shot which hit the water about 5 feet to the left of me. I don’t know what would make someone try to shoot someone fishing but Id like to give everyone a safe warning.

If you have any similar experiences, please let us know and comment below.

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