Boys Vs Girls: Smallie Fishing With Reel River Adventures

Family Susky funI had the pleasure of having the good Dr. Chris Smith on the RiverPro again. This time he brought his entire family and took advantage of our summer special.

The Smith family (Chris, Jen, Owen, Anya, and Clayton) arrived at 3:00 PM Tuesday for the evening charter. Chris and I had conversations about conditions prior to him arriving. We agreed that the bite may be tough. As is usually the case, the trip is about quality time with family.

We started out with the two boys on board and found a few smallies and a few smiles. The bite was a bit slower than I expected but we managed to have lots of laughs and tons of fun with the few fish.

Then it was the girls turn. I love the age old “Boys versus Girls” battle. Momma Smith was by far the hot hand and she pulled the girls to a one fish lead. Women, they really rule the world and apparently today, fishing too.
Sunrise at EMC surprised us with a chilly 52 degree temp and wind. Yep cold front. The good doctor was the only one brave enough to go out early. He is used to cold days on my boat. I remember an early October morning that we had ice on the eyes of the rods.

We found 5 quality fish with the smallest being 15” up to a very nice 17+. We got a text that the kids were up and ready to try again. Ahhh what would fishing be without a text from back home? The wind made it difficult and removed some the spots to fish but we were able to get out of the wind for the most part. Boys against girls again and the girls laid the smack down on the boys. Women really do rule!

Lot’s of laughs and fun at the campfire with roasted hotdogs and S ’mores. I think the family really enjoyed the outing. I know I did.
We ended with right at 25 bass for the 8 hours and the best part was everyone got some action. I know for a fact that the Smith kids will remember this trip for years to come. That is really what it’s all about isn’t it?
Kenny V

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