Small Tubes For River Smalllmouth Bass

When using tubes for river smallmouth bass, it has been my experience here in Pennsylvania, that downsizing to a 3  inch or smaller tube is a good idea.  In lakes and ponds, I have found the larger 4 inch tubes to be successful but it seems that the forage in rivers may be smaller and the smallmouth bass seem to key on these smaller baits better.

Smaller Tubes for River Smallmouth

The author of this article has found the same thing in Eastern Connecticut rivers and provides an excellent discussion of the issue.

My initial experiences with using soft plastic tube baits in my eastern Connecticut fishing spots has been a success; now I am expanding upon what I have learned and using a variety of tubes. One thing I have found is that I can still catch the fish I target in my local river when I downsize these tubes from the larger, original types I started with in a nearby lake.

I ordered dozens of 2-inch long tubes in multiple, bright colors. I fitted these versions with a smaller jighead, one that was 1/32 oz. in weight and smaller in terms of the length of the hook. I took to the river with these presentations and immediately had good luck. I found that I could cast them with ease and accuracy. Furthermore, the fish offered at them early and often. Tubes of this size induce fish to bite because they resemble small minnows or crayfish.  Source of article here

One of the rivers that this author fished is the Quinebaug, which I wrote about previously. That post can be found by clicking here.

If you find that you are more successful with larger tubes in other areas of the country, I’d love to hear from you.

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