Smallmouth Bass Love the Clouser Minnow

Fly fishing in the sunsetStream fishing for bronzebacks presents a new opportunity to expand your skills as well as knowledge of smallmouth bass. One of the top baits for those who go after stream smallies is the Clouser minnow. This is one of those “go to” baits when the fish are not actively hitting more traditional baits. Read on for why this lure is so deadly, and why you should have a few in your fly fishing arsenal.

First produced by the great smallmouth fishing expert Bob Clouser this lure is surprisingly unlike what you might expect casting for smallies. It has the top four features all great flies have but with a twist. First the lure is a simple design and is easy to produce for those of you who enjoy tying your own flies/lures.

Second, the Clouser minnow does not use exotic materials that are hard to find. Third, this lure will catch not just smallmouth bass but many other predatory fish. And last is the fly is very easy to use. What’s not to love about a highly effective lure like this?

Made of dyed deer hair in many flashy colors, the smallmouth is certain to see the lure in many different water and light conditions. Combining these features with the very unique dumbbell eye jig head produces a lure smallies find irresistible.

Another of the great design features so many fishermen like about this lure is the way you tie it. This is a top line tie lure with the hook located such that if faces up when fished in the water.  This reduces the number of snags tremendously, and also results in better hook set in the smallies mouth.


The many different colors of the deer hair produce a shimmering and sudden flash effect sure to catch the eye of finicky fish thus producing a response.

Add a few Clouser minnows to your fly box for more and larger smallies.

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