Smallmouth Bass Funny Video – When bass attack!

If you have been fishing for smallmouth bass, you know they love crayfish.  Here is a funny video of smallmouth bass begging for crayfish.  It’s awesome 🙂

Smallmouth Bass Funny Video – When Bass Attack!


They can be greedy, as freshwater scientist Gretchen Anderson Hansen found while collecting crayfish in a lake in Vilas County, Wis., when she found herself being observed by a handful of hungry smallmouth bass. Original post here

Center for Limnology grad student, Gretchen Hansen, took this video from a past summer’s field season up in Vilas County. While we’ll honor the tradition of fishermen not sharing their favorite spots, it’s safe to say smallmouth bass are doing quite well in this particular lake. Original post here

I’m used to my dogs begging but never had a smallmouth begging for some “lobster”! Lol

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