Trigger Smallmouth To Eat?

Does great weather and warm temperature trigger smallmouth to eat? Great news for Lehigh fishermen. ᅠThe Lehigh River tends to be overshadowed by the Susquehanna and the Delaware Rivers. ᅠIt has become a great fishery and is a place where the multispecies day of fishing is common no matter what you are fishing for. ᅠMuskies are plentiful as well as various varieties of trout. ᅠ

Last week’s great weather and warming trend helped turn on the fish bite all over the Lehigh Valley. The Lehigh River smallmouth bass bite is about two or three weeks ahead of schedule.
There’s no telling what the projected cooler temperatures and overcast, potentially rainy weather will have on fishing, but it’s been a great 8-9 days of enjoyment for a lot of people in the area.   Click here to visit the original source of this post

The weather is fine! Get out and fish! When the weather warms up in late spring, even small jumps in temperature can trigger smallmouth bass to eat. Its amazing sometimes the difference a day can make in fish activity.


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