[Video] Tying The Palomar Knot: A Close Up Look

palomar_knotThe palomar knot is one of the favorite fishing knots of many pros due to its strength and speed that at which it can be tied.

We’ve all felt the pain of losing a “monster” due to an epic line or knot fail. Because of that, there have been dozens of knots promoted over the years as the “best” knot.

According to this knot fishing test, the Palomar was the winner against the Trilene knot when comparing superline knot strength. Both were very good for mono and fluoro. In previous tests, the Palomar often came out on top as well.

Check this video out:

Aaron Martens has a very different opinion of the Palomar as he wrote about over on Bassmaster.com

Some guys might consider this chapter to be controversial. I don’t want to be controversial, but, at the same time, it’s important to tell the truth. And, the truth is the uni knot and the Snell are much better than the popular Palomar knot for strength and durability, especially when you’re fishing with braid or fluorocarbon.

Let’s look at braid first. I use a lot of lighter test weight braid. We all know getting a knot to hold with it can be a pain. I’ve solved that problem by using a single uni knot with 10 to 14 wraps. It’s stronger than anything else I’ve ever used and it almost never slips, even with slick line. Read more here

Here’s some sweet video showing how to tie the Palomar knot.


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