[VIDEO] Wacky Jigging With Mike Iaconelli: Catch More Bass When The Bite Is Tough

Wacky Rigging For Smallmouth Bass

Everyone knows that wacky rigging a soft stick bait such as a Senko, is a deadly technique to use when the bite is tough. It is hard for a smallie (or largemouth) to resist that tantalizing drop to the bottom.

The problem with it is that is it’s terribly slow way of finding fish. Casting out your bait, letting it sink to the bottom, then raising your rod tip to repeat the action back to the boat can take a lot of patience.

If you don’t already know where the fish are, you can only do this for a short period of time without getting antsy.

So, how do you turn the wacky rig into a search bait/technique? Throw a little weight in the mix and you’re good to go.

Ike explains in great detail how to get it done.

Ike’s Weighted Wacky Rig


As you can see, this is a great way to turn a slow finesse technique into a more versatile approach when things get tough.

The basic setup includes the VMC Wacky Jig Head, a spinning reel, medium action rod, fluorocarbon line or leader and soft stick bait.

Allow the bait to sink on a semi-slack line and raise the rod tip as Ike shows, allow the bait to sink again.

Thanks to Wired 2 Fish and Mike Iaconelli for these great tips!

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