State Specific Smallies

 Christopher Smith

What A Difference A Week Can Make

When you are a smallmouth bass angler, conditions can change so quickly, it’ll make you head spin. The truly excellent anglers can adapt to changes in weather, water conditions, seasons, and bass behavior. What a difference a week can make: weather changes I’ve been lucky the past 2 weeks in being able to fish the […]

 Christopher Smith

Lake Erie Smallmouth Continue To Improve

In this recent article about Lake Erie, they discuss the effects of algae on the Walleye population but also tell the story of the continued improvement of smallmouth bass fishing. Lake Erie has benefited from catch and release fishing during the spawning season and the catch rate during 2012 was the highest in over a […]

 Christopher Smith

Maine Alewives: Will They Hurt Or Help Smallmouth Bass?

The Maine legislature is currently in the process of deciding how rapidly to open up Maine’s St. Croix River to alewives.  Alewives are a native species of fish that were blocked from entering this waterway since 1995 due to concerns that they were having a negative impact on smallmouth bass. Just like most things, the […]

 Christopher Smith

Impact on Smallmouth Bass: Is There Something In The Water?

Smallmouth bass are clearly being affected by something in the water in the Mid Atlantic region.  The young bass population is decreasing in the Susquehanna River, their reproductive organs are half testicle, half ovary in the south branch of the Potomac and there are concerns about the possible effects on the Chesapeake Bay. What’s in […]

 Christopher Smith

Mille Lacs Smallmouth Bass Regulation Changes

Mille Lacs Lake is a prime smallmouth, walleye and northern pike fishery.  The Minnesota DNR has announced changes in regulations for these three species that you should be aware of if you fish here. At Everything Smallmouth, our goal is to keep you up to date on the latest news and information regarding smallmouth bass […]

 Jason Collins

Lake Ontario; Near NY State Record Smallmouth

This particular smallmouth came out of Lake Ontario. Yes, that is a CUSE shirt lol… after tonights game against Louiville I’m still a proud Orangeman! lol… But anyway back to the fish…. She weighed 8 lbs even…. it kept bouncing between 7.15 & 8.1… settled fairly decently on 8 even several times so we officially […]

 Christopher Smith

Lake Tapps Smallmouth Fishing: The Great Northwest Goes Bronze

View Larger Map Less than an hour south of Seattle Washington sits a 2,200 acre reservoir called Lake Tapps that is a piece of smallmouth bass fishing heaven.   Created in 1911, it was used for hydrelectric power until 2004.  The lake is not entirely private, however; Pierce County maintains a county park at the […]

 Christopher Smith

Youghiogheny River Smallmouth Fishing: What “Yough” Looking At?

Over on our Facebook page, we see quite a few impressive pictures of Youghiogheny River smallmouth bass so we thought we would bring you up to speedon the “Yough”. The Youghiogheny river, which is more commonly referred to as the Yough, is 134 miles long, with its headwaters in Preston County, West Virginia. From there, […]

 Christopher Smith

Stories Of The Collapse Of Susquehanna Smallmouth Bass

We have frequently written about the decrease in smallmouth bass populations in Central Pennsylvania on the Susquehanna River.  Here are some excerpts from stories submitted to the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission. Stories of the collapse of the Susquehanna smallmouth bass …Unfortunately, now my main motivation for writing is to comment on how much has […]

 Christopher Smith

Missouri River Smallmouth Management

The Missouri Department of Conservation is paying attention to it’s smallmouth bass and know what a valuable resource they are to the state and the Missouri River and it’s tributaries. The great thing is that they are actively tracking bass populations and surveying anglers about how many bass they remove from the streams and rivers. […]

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