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Serves You Right Ya Big Dope! Preserve The Resource

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What not to do!

What not to do!

An Indiana man was arrested this week for illegal possession of smallmouth bass.

Police noticed a man that was keeping too many smallies and had some that were not of legal size.

He was arrested and it was found that he had previously been charged for the same offense.

The problem with this type of behavior is that someone like this can deplete the smallies in a river or stream quickly if they are out there on a regular basis harvesting smallies, especially when they keep more than the limit.

It is true that some fisheries actually improve with limited , targeted harvesting of bass. When they become overpopulated, the growth rates and the size tend to suffer. However when someone blatantly ignores the rules, the population of bass or any game fish can be depleted quickly.

Check out the full article here and the picture from the police department.


3 Responses to Serves You Right Ya Big Dope! Preserve The Resource

  1. steve December 11, 2013 at 1:55 pm

    I catch and release no keeping for me

  2. Beaver Slivinski December 11, 2013 at 6:52 pm

    I don’t remember the last time that I kept a Smallie or a Muskie. If I want a fish fry, I fish for panfish. I can’t believe that there are still idiots out there who keep anything and everything.
    I turned in a guy who was walking back to his truck with a stringer full of Smallies……..for the second time! He came back again. He was fishing near a warm water discharge at a power plant on The Mississippi River where he could fish from shore, hidden from view. The DNR Wardens showed up quickly, and arrested him and three others. One warden carried two five-gallon buckets full of pre-spawn females. I wish they would have turned them over to my custody, because I was “on the edge”. I wondered how many others were doing the same thing and not getting caught. When I gave my statement, one of the wardens said guys from the power plant had turned in two of the guys before for the same offense. I wondered how many fish they had killed that year, and just how soon they’d be back.

  3. bjreg3 December 19, 2013 at 4:28 pm

    Hope they serve time and are given a fine that is substantial, 20-30k.


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