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Spring Smallmouth Fishing Tips: Brush Off The Cold And Brush Up Your Skills

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My next go to bait is a a tube jig or some other soft plastic creature jig.  The biggest key here, especially if you are fishing rivers with decent current or deeper lakes, is to make sure you use enough weight that the tube makes contact with the bottom a lot.  This is critical for your success.  There are many tubes to choose from.  I like 4 inch tubes for lakes and 3.5 inch or smaller tubes for rivers. Jig head weights can range from 1/8 to 1/4, most of the time. Color should match the forage in your area.  If bass are feeding on bait fish, the purple colored baits can be very effective.

In addition to these top favorites, curly tail grubs fished on a ball-head jig can be a great search bait and can be bounced on the bottom or twitched through the middle of water column. Crankbaits fished slowly can be quite effective and some days, you may find that a slow rolled spinnerbait will fire bronzebacks up.  Those are some fun days!

Try to control your fishing fever…

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Tight Lines 🙂

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