John Rankin

Catching Smallmouth Bass on Streamers

If you have never tried fishing for smallmouth bass with a fly rod using surface and underwater flies you are missing some of the best action to be had. I “accidentally” snagged a nice smallmouth with my fly rod while fishing for bull bluegills. My initial reaction was I finally snagged the state record bluegill […]

 Christopher Smith

Winter Ozark Smallmouth Fly Fishing

Are you feeling restless? Got a little cabin fever?  As this video of winter Ozark smallmouth fly fishing shows, many areas of the United States are still productive for smallmouth bass, even in the dead of winter. Winter Ozark Smallmouth Fly Fishing When fly fishing for smallies, here is a common setup: For fly fishing, […]

 Christopher Smith

Streamers For After Dark Smallmouth Fly Fishing

Many smallmouth anglers have found that fishing for bronzebacks at dusk and after dark can be awesome. The fly angler can take advantage of these same conditions and cash in on smallmouth feeding frenzy, especially during a full moon. Streamers For After Dark Smallmouth Fly Fishing Streamers, big ones five inches or longer, which have […]

 Christopher Smith

New Record San Marcos Smallmouth Bass

In you’re not yet aware of smallmouth bass fishing in Texas, here is some more evidence that you can catch them there. A 4 pound smallie was caught on a fly rod on the San Marcos River.  This river is near Austin and San Antonio and is home to many other species including smallmouth bass. […]

 Christopher Smith

Lake Superior Smallmouth Fly Fishing Wisconsin

We are always in the hunt for stories of amazing smallmouth fisheries and successful conservation efforts. Lake Superior smallmouth fly fishing in Wisconsin is better than ever. The smallmouth bass populations in the Chequamegon Bay area had been severely depleted in the 80s but thanks to heros like Roger LaPenter, regulations have been put in […]

 Christopher Smith

Casting For Recovery: Fly Fishing To Reconnect With The World And Heal

Casting For Recovery, started in 1996 in Manchester Vermont, has grown to a large organization of volunteers helping survivors of breast cancer recover, reconnect and battle depression through the enjoyment of fly fishing. Casting for Recovery was founded on the principles that the natural world is a healing force and that cancer survivors deserve one […]

 Christopher Smith

Fall Smallies: James River Smallmouth Fly Fishing

Fall smallmouth, James River fly fishing! Who can beat it?  Most experienced smallmouth anglers love smallmouth fishing in the fall.  Gone are the hot days, the leaves start changing and the big bass feed more aggressively.  In addition, they’ve grown from the spring and its a great time to pull in a personal best bronzeback. […]

 Christopher Smith

Juniata River Smallmouth Bass Fishing 2012

There has been concern that Juniata River smallmouth bass fishing in 2012 would be affected by the conditions affecting the smallmouth populations on the main stem of the Susquehanna River. Juniata River smallmouth bass fishing 2012 As can be seen in this recent article, the Juniata is alive and well, but perhaps did suffer from […]

 Christopher Smith

Lake Powell Fly Fishing Smallmouth Bass

Lake Powell is a beautiful lake that doesn’t have the appearance of a typical smallmouth bass lake. It actually is home to a number of game fish including smallmouth bass, stripers and walleye. Lake Powell is becoming know as a great place in the west for some anglers to have a great time at Lake […]

 Christopher Smith

Top Smallmouth Flies

Although I’m sure there are many different opinions about the top smallmouth flies,  at some point we have to decide what we are going to go with and either buy them or make them.  Most bass fly fishermen love the thrill of catching a nice smallie on a fly that was hand tied by them. […]