Lake Powell Fly Fishing Smallmouth Bass

Lake Powell is a beautiful lake that doesn’t have the appearance of a typical smallmouth bass lake.

It actually is home to a number of game fish including smallmouth bass, stripers and walleye.

Lake Powell is becoming know as a great place in the west for some anglers to have a great time at Lake Powell fly fishing for smallies.

Lake Powell Fly Fishing Smallmouth Bass


Some other tidbits of information from a Lake Powell fishing guide:

Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass

Rod weight from 4 to 8, again depending on depth and fly size. I usually choose a fast action 6 weight for smallies. I have a fast 30 foot sink tip and floating lines ready to go. I often target prominent points and lines of flooded brush with surface flies on the floating line. I will often use weedless flies and an 8 weight to target largemouth in between the flooded trees. The extra stiffness of the 8 weight alows me to horse the fish clear of the linbs and land it. I will use the sink tip lines when the top water action is not happening.  Source

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