Christopher Smith

What’s On Your Top 5 Lures for Smallmouths List?

We all have favorite baits that are our “go to” smallmouth bass lures when the fishing gets tough. To be a more productive fisherman it is important we keep an open mind about all the various lures, and baits available for snagging smallies. To this end, we have listed the top 5 lures for smallmouths, […]

 John Rankin

[Video] Using Tube Jigs For Smallmouth Bass Action

Has the fishing been slow lately? Wondering what you can do to get those tight lipped smallmouths to open wide for your bait is a dilemma all of us face. Don’t feel bad as this is part of fishing, and even the pro’s go through times of drought while casting all over the place. Experienced […]

 Christopher Smith

Smallmouth Bass Fishing In Clear Water

Some smallmouth bass anglers think that fishing for bronzebacks in clear water is difficult. After all, when the water is clear, isn’t it hard to fool the bass into eating artificial baits? When you fish for smallmouth bass in clear water you have to be willing to vary your strategies if you plan to be […]

 Christopher Smith

Spring Smallmouth Fishing Tips: Brush Off The Cold And Brush Up Your Skills

As February fades and we move toward spring, many anglers come out of hibernation and get trigger happy to be back on the water. Some of us have braved the elements and fished through the winter but with a new season, comes new opportunities. Let’s take a look at some spring smallmouth fishing tips  on […]

 Christopher Smith

How To Fish Large Areas With A Tube For Smallmouth Bass

Many people think that tubes are most useful for fishing targeted areas that are known or suspected of holding smallmouth bass.  They can actually be used in several ways in fishing larger areas to hunt for bass. Tubes can be good search baits as they are often fished close to or near the bottom, can […]