Christopher Smith

Tennessee River Smallmouth Fishing

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Tennessee River smallmouth fishing at it’s best.  Awesome job.  Keep it up! Our friend Matt was kind enough to allow us to post these awesome Tennessee River smallies. Matt won best bass last year in the Tennessee Angler Recognition Program.

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These Tennessee River smallies were caught on a #2 aberdeen hook with a minnow, no sinker on 8 lb test.

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One Response to Tennessee River Smallmouth Fishing

  1. Widya June 19, 2012 at 2:37 pm

    In the colder pre-spawn waerts, I have had success with texas rigged plastic worms. You can’t go wrong with jig n pigs, natural color tubes, hair jigs, and creature baits. Fish them slowly. Also, Rapala husky jerks and X-Raps have caught me some fish. They suspend when the retrieve is stopped and stay in the strike zone longer for lethargic fish. The fish are still slowed as they have come out of their winter lull. With these, I would use a jerk, jerk, pause retrieve with very light jerks and twitches of your rod. Also, I would allow a pause of about a minute to a minute and a half. If this doesn’t produce, experiment with your retrieve and length of pauses until you find what the fish want. Now in the spawn itself, the water has usually warmed up by then, so your retrieves can be quicker and more aggressive. Anything that imitates crayfish is good and if you can find heavy cover, I would suggest a weedless texas-rigged worm, as bass like to find cover for bedding to protect their eggs. If you can get the lure right by the bed, these bass will aggressively attack it. If you catch a bass this time of the year, release it as quickly as possible. The longer its out of the water, the longer bluegills have to raid the nest. That’s why we aren’t allowed to keep fish until mid-June here. Hope this helps and tight lines!


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