Ball Head Jig With Skinny Dipper For Smallmouth Bass


There are lots of swimbaits on the market out there and most of them will catch fish at one time or another. 

There are some that catch more than others and are more durable too. 

Reaction Innovations makes the Skinny Dipper in lots of different colors and it flat out works. This bait has been a closely guarded secret of pros and fishing guides over the past few years and I wanted to let you in on the fun. 

They can be used all year round and fished a number of different ways. 

Ball head jig for the wobble

This video shows how to rig it with a large round head jig with a long shank, wide gap hook. Watch til the end!


In addition to a basic retrieve, I love using a ball head jig head or a shakey head to bounce the bait off the bottom, like I would a tube. 

This works great. I’ve had success with these colors: Houdini, Money Shot Violet and I know White Trash works great too!


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