Kevin Van Dam and Casey Martin Find Success Spybaiting

When the fishing gets tough, the Spinbait 80 might be your ticket

Spybaiting has evolved over the past few years from being an unknown, niche finesse technique imported from Japan to a favorite of pro and amateur anglers alike. 

In Japan, bass fishing is even tougher than in the USA due to the amount of fishing pressure put on lakes. Duo Realis introduced the concept to the US market with the Spinbait 80 and has recently expanded the line with 2 additional spinbaits.

Take a look at these two videos to see what the pros think, when and how they are using it and see if you can work it into your arsenal. I’ve used it in cold river water conditions myself with success. The quality of these baits is amazing.

KVD spybaiting the St. Lawrence River

How to Spybait with Casey Martin

Get the Duo Realis Spinbait 80


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