BASS Elite Series Green Bay Smallmouths

BASS Elite Series – Green Bay smallmouths?

The fishing world will experience a whole new kind of football game when the BASS Elite series takes on Green Bay smallmouths starting on June 28th. The footballs I’m talkin about are the smallmouths that are going to be pulled out of Lake Michigan in the Green Bay, Wisconsin event.

BASS Elite series Green Bay smallmouths

After months of speculation, the wait is finally over. The “Mystery Lake” now has a name. B.A.S.S. today announced that Green Bay, Wis., and Lake Michigan will be the site of the seventh Bassmaster Elite Series event of the season, June 28 through July 1, 2012.

“We wanted the Mystery Lake to not only be a surprise to our anglers, but also a body of water they had no prior knowledge of,” explained Jerry McKinnis, co-owner of B.A.S.S.  Source

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Like any new water, the Bay of Green Bay will present unique challenges to the competitors. It is one of the largest freshwater estuaries in the world and the main obstacle on a fishery that covers in the neighborhood of 120,000 acres will be the weather. Some pros are already concerned about wind and being able to run to the quality fish.

“It’s an untapped, amazing fish factory for monster smallies,” said Elite Series pro Nate Wellman, a Michigan native. “It’s going to shock the world of bass fishing what comes out of that place.”

Randy Howell says: “I like northern smallmouth fishing. I’ve really gained a lot confidence in that because on northern fisheries in the summer, the smallmouth are eating good and they’re fun to catch. It sounds like they have some of the biggest smallmouths in the country up there.” Source


A B.A.S.S. tournament in a great smallmouth fishery is going to be a blast.  Sign up for our newsletter to keep on top of the latest news about this event and all about smallmouth bass by clicking here.

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