Favorite Smallmouth Topwater Bait

Everything Smallmouth recently asked our Facebook fans what their favorite smallmouth topwater bait was, and the results are in:

Favorite topwater bait for smallmouth fishing

Doug…has to be a Rico , pop pop pop , says it all

Casey… Foam hoppers.

Gabriel…a flie called Unpqua swimming frog

Stewart…Jitterbug. Better mouse than most mice!

Scott…buzzbait for burning and bustin bass

Adam…Lucky Craft Gunfish. Nice rattle caught fish with from 5 to 15 ft

Steve…Black and gold jointed Rapala minnow, had a lot of luck twitching them along the surface, near timber and weed lines. Been deadly on the Connecticut River.

Brian…zara puppy in silver g-finish….

Been… Super Zara spook…it cast a mile and calls fish from the depths..but any Zara will do

BassGrubb Hand Poured Baits… My hand poured BassGrubb Swimmin’ or Floatin Toadz, in Black. Bass crush these things.

Alex…Bagley’s finger mullet

Lunker Junkies…Poppers with double trebles, I can catch two at a time with em.

Kim…LC Gunfish……..walkin’ the dog. Poppers also work good for this black Rico

Let me know if you have another favorite smallmouth top water bait that wasn’t included here.

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