Fishing Eye Injuries Can Be Prevented

8sm-ab3a6984002154c15bdfe68fe1944c89e4dcbc87Did you know that fishing eye injuries are the most common sports related eye injury?  This honor used to be held by basketball and raquet sports, what with all the elbows flying around but now fishing leads the pack.

There is nothing worse than having an injury on the boat that cuts short the day, not to mention the seriousness of a penetrating eye injury.

A hook in the eye accounts for 38% of the injuries and a sinker or lure hitting the eye accounts for about 44% of the injuries.

According to the American Optometric Association (AOA), wearing regular sunglasses or prescription eyeglasses will not provide enough eye protection to protect the eye from the impact of a flying fishing lure. Instead, optometrists recommend using glasses designed for sports and which carry the AOA Seal of Acceptance.  Source

Most anglers I know wear sunglasses with polarized lenses while fishing so they can see through the water surface better. We all love to look into the water and see those smallmouth bass chasing the one you are reeling in. Not all polarized lenses are sturdy enough to stop some of the heavier lures, jigs or sinkers out there.

The best way to protect your eyes while participating in sports is to be sure your sports eyewear has 3-mm polycarbonate lenses. Polycarbonate lenses are impact-resistant and are the thinnest, lightest lenses you can buy. Polycarbonate is also the most shatter-resistant lens material, and it filters 100 percent of ultraviolet (UV) light (which will help prevent radiation eye injuries).  Source

Don’t let your day end up like this (graphic video of fish hook removal from eye)!

How are you protecting yourself in low light conditions? At the least, please pick up a pair of clear protective glasses like you would wear while doing yard work if your sunglass lenses are too dark to use on cloudy days or early and late in the day.

Kaenon SunglassesSome of the more popular brands can be found here: click

Get yourself protected from trauma as well as UV rays today so you can keep catching those bronzebacks and not spoil your day on the water!

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