How To Fix A Baitcaster Backlash

I love fishing for bass with a baitcasting reel, especially now that I know how to fix a baitcaster backlash.  I always used to just pick a the line to try to free it up and it only occasionally worked on mild backlashes.

Recently I was fishing from shore and I wound up to launch my buzzbait when I whacked the lure on some leaves behind me and the spool went crazy with the worst backlash ever.  Since I had just learned this trick I was able to clear the backlash and avoided having to cut the backlash out and re-spool my reel.

How To Fix a Baitcaster Backlash

In summary, you basically put mild to moderate pressure on the spool and then engage the reel and wind 1/2 to 1 turn of the handle and try to pull out the line.  Keep repeating this until the backlash is clear.

The other important thing is to avoid the backlash in the first place.

Avoiding Baitcaster Backlash

Love the aussie accent!

Now that you know how to fix and avoid a baitcaster backlash, get out there and try these techniques. Let me know what you like to use your baitcasters for and where you choose spinning gear.

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