Kayak Fishing For Smallmouth

Kayak fishing for smallmouth is gaining in popularity. As the gas prices increase and the cost of jet boats are out of reach for many, kayak fishing can be ideal.

Not only is kayak fishing a lot of fun, you can often go in areas of shallow rivers and streams that waders and boaters are unable to go.  The proper gear is important so I recommend that you check out some kayaks on this page.  It is also great to have a wearable camera to document your adventures.

Enjoy some river kayak fishing and check out the Wilderness Tarpon 120 Ultralite:


As mentioned in the video, you can beach the boat for a little while to really explore an area.

 In addition, here is a video review of the Commander 120 from Wilderness systems.


Comment below if you have an opinion on your favorite kayak for smallmouth fishing.

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