Lake Erie Fishing Regulations – Fish Sanctuaries

There is a little known issue that concerns fishermen and boaters dealing with Lake Erie fishing regulations. Fish sanctuaries have been established in Lake Erie to assist the smallmouth bass and other gamefish species in thriving without harassment and extend until July 15th.

These restrictions are in the Fort Erie region as well as Port Colborne

Lake Erie Fishing Regulations – Fish Sanctuaries

Although the designations were designed to protect spawning bass these areas are closed to all fishing. These are ideal spawning habitats for the small mouth bass. Closing all fishing helps reduce traffic in these areas because even passing over or near a nest can drive the guarding males away leaving the eggs to be eaten by predators. Gobies can devour a nest of bass eggs in under a minute.

As anglers it is not difficult to abide by the rules and steer clear of these areas for an extra few weeks but it’s hard to stand on the shoreline and watch large all wheel drive vehicles driving in the shallow water where we know bass are guarding their eggs. It is also frustrating to see ignorant anglers wading into these areas and not be able to reach them to warn them of their mistake. View original article here. Its excellent.

The fish sanctuaries designated in Lake Erie are all designed to keep Lake Erie as one of the top smallmouth bass fisheries in the country. Make sure you know the Lake Erie fishing regulations as it related to fish sanctuaries before you fish the Fort Erie and Port Colborne areas.


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