Mille Lacs Smallmouth Rules Create Controversy

img_20120618_163356-7d5e7226a19db487ce361be29cc957af546baa8eAt, we are concerned and passionate about conserving smallmouth bass fishing everywhere.

The DNR governing Mille Lacs Lake in Minnesota did a complete 180 this spring when it announced its rules and slot limits for smallmouth bass and walleye this year. After having a a virtual catch and release only policy for smallmouth bass in recent years (could keep one bass over 21 inches), they have opened smallmouth bass to a slaughter with their 6 fish limit and protecting only the bass in the 17 to 20 inch range.

Also they have dropped the walleye limits to two fish that are between 18 and 20 inches or one above 28 inches.  The concern is that the walleye population has dropped to a 40 year low.

The theory is that the thriving smallmouth bass population is hurting the walleye population. No one knows if this is true as there are so many factors that can influence reproduction and fish numbers.

I came across this article and petition today with a quote from Janet Parker.

Professional Bass Angler Janet Parker adds; “Minnesota has a fishing season that is intended to protect bass.  Because of this year’s extended cold weather, smallmouth will be shallow and extremely easy to catch just after the fishing season opens.  The new regulations could allow a smallmouth slaughter.”  Source

Janet Parker was also showing this quote on her Facebook page from Al Lindner:

“Over the last 30+ years, I have watched the Mille Lacs smallmouth fishery grow and blossom into on of the greatest smallmouth fisheries anywhere. To see this destroyed would be an absolute travesty. – Al”

If you are concerned about the smallmouth bass population at Mille Lacs, please check out the article and petition here: click

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