Rapala Pro Bass Fishing Review With Smallmouth Bass Video

Bass fishing games for the various gaming systems have gotten mixed reviews over the years.   The Rapala Pro Bass Fishing game is the best of the bunch.

If you are looking to get your fishing fix over the winter or at times in between trips to your favorite fishing spot, this game may be the ticket to satisfying your fishing addiction.

Smallmouth action on Pro Bass Fishing


Rapala Pro Bass Fishing Review

Reviews from Amazon:

What is most impressive about this game is the outstanding graphics and the usefulness as a teaching tool. With the ability to select weather conditions, time of day, species of fish and which lake to fish, this game is simply Fun. Our extended family from 6 to 65 enjoy this game. Makes me wish I still owned my boat 🙂

And another review from Amazon

The graphics and sound are very crisp. boating is fun, but in some weird way i wish there was a damage meter for your boat and a prize money aspect to the game.

The Ps move really works here. it really provided an immersion element that other fishing games needed.
my one frustration is that at times during a ‘fight’ with a fish, it indicates to ‘roll’ the controller, which i have yet to really master even after completing all 4 rookie tiers. in this i would say at times the control instructions are vague.
Other than that- the ps move functionality gets an A for the day.

this game gets a 4 out of 5 for me due to good replay, making use of the move really well, and for the diversity of the types of fish to catch (and gear to use).
the only thing that would have brought it up to a 4.5 or higher would have been the use of monetary system for gear, and frankly, just a wee bit more excitement with the actual catching of the fish aspect. its good, but after an hour of playing im ready to set it down until next time.  Source

Here is some additional footage of this fun game!


Your best bet is to get this game with the rod peripheral bundle. Check it out today!

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