Record Smallmouth Bass

Wait until you see this amazing smallmouth bass! A record smallmouth bass in Oklahoma weighing in at 5.1 lbs is a rarity here.

Gary Carrier of Vinita didn’t need a second look to know what the dark fish that shot out of Grand Lake with his jig in its mouth was, but his partner didn’t believe his eyes.

“It surprised me when it jumped. It was dark and I said, ‘That’s a smallmouth,’ but my partner didn’t believe me,” he said.

The second time the fish shot about four feet in the air, his partner in the Anglers In Action tournament April 28 confirmed the identity. “He said, ‘That’s a smallmouth,’ and I said ‘No kidding, I done told you once, now get the net!'”

The 20-inch-long, 5.1-pound smallmouth is a lake record for Grand Lake, it’s also an anomaly so it’s a record that may stand for some time. Original article and picture here

New record size bass don’t happen everyday.  The cool thing is that he released the fish and it will continue to grow.

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