[video] Smallmouth Bass Fishing In Cold Weather

photo-a04f4d19245c6ca35515d3424b6faf5f2eecf988Are you one of those fishermen who believe smallmouth bass fishing concludes as soon as college football season arrives? If so I am going to tell you about an entirely new world of fishing you are missing. Smallmouth bass fishing in cold weather is much more than a chance to get out of the house and cast a few baits around. Sure, the smallies are not going to be as active, but they do need to feed and you can bet not many other people are out there on the river or lake attempting to feed them! This puts the ball in your court as far as having access to prime locations and fish ready to bite. Let’s look at what we need to do for these winter excursions in search of our favorite game fish. Planning is key for successful smallmouth bass fishing in cold weather. Winter conditions are going to require you are properly dressed as condition are going to go from calm to cold wind so dress in layers. Reels need a lighter need lighter oil to function smoothly, water levels and water clarity should be decent, and always bring along a thermos of your favorite hot drink. The smallmouth bass will hit when water conditions are slightly muddy but this also limits the distance they can see the baits so when you locate a good spot be sure to cover the area thoroughly. Present your baits in a slow manner as opposed to how you would in summer. The smallies are going to be a bit lethargic, so to entice them a slow moving presentation is the way to go. One of the things you will need to do, depending on water temperature and wind conditions, is remove any ice from the reel, rod eyelets, and line. This only takes a few seconds so keep an eye on this. Sometimes WD-40, Chap Stick or Reel Magic can be helpful in preventing this.

Great video explanation here

It might take you a few missed fish to develop a feel for winter strikes as they tend to be more subtle. Keep a close watch on your line as you retrieve the lure and set the hook if you see it slack being taken up. Use weed less lures for cold weather/winter fishing conditions. Look for those spots where the current is slack and close in to shore as this will be the preferred location for smallmouth bass. Get over those winter blues by heading out to your favorite river, stream, or lake and netting a few smallmouths. Smallmouth bass fishing in cold weather is a sport unto itself, and for those who have never tried it you are missing out on some great fishing! Has this information whetted you’re fishing appetite?

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