You Can Help The Susquehanna River

Unknown black spots becoming more common

Smallmouth bass plagued by you can help the Susquehanna River. By submitting an email or letter to the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission, you can make and impact on the future of this great fishery.

I received this communication from the PFBC just this week: Sick fish, sick river. The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission needs your help to save the Susquehanna River and the smallmouth bass fishery that has been plagued by disease.

You can help by submitting comments to DEP supporting the Fish and Boat Commission’s request. Comments must be received by May 22 and should be sent to: Molly Pulket, Division of Water Quality Standards, Bureau of Point and Non Point Source Management, PO Box 8774, Harrisburg, PA. 17105-8467 or send an email to

We need you to help convince DEP to act now before the fishery collapses and the time for action is too late.  Source here

It appears as though John Arway, executive director of the PFBC is finally convinced of the need to do something about the river. We now have to convince the feds to take action and help the Susquehanna River. 

Write an email to and include at least 1 picture of an affected fish in your email. Also post the picture to our Facebook page here


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