Smallmouth fishing techniques

 Christopher Smith

Double,Tandem or Zulu Rigs For Smallmouth Bass…Say What?

Long before Alabama rigs became popular in the bass fishing world, umbrella rigs have been used for salt water.  With the recent surge in popularity for fresh water, there are new regulations in many states limiting their use.  Because on the large size and regulations about too many hooks, let’s leave the Alabama rig for […]

 Jim Hanley

Live bait fishing for small mouth bass on Lake Erie: Amazing success is only a dip away.

When booking a charter with me for small mouth bass on Lake Erie, I am often asked by new customers, “what quantity of fish can we expect to catch?”. My response for the last 25 of my 35 years in this business is 35 to 50 small mouth per day. I say 25 out of […]

 Christopher Smith

Best Live Bait For Winter Smallmouth

In many fisheries around the US, nothing beats live bait for smallmouth bass fishing success in the wintertime.  Many of you may be wondering which live bait is best un cold water conditions. Bass continue to feed year round but they don’t like to work for their food because their metabolism matches the water temperature […]

 Christopher Smith

Finding Smallies: Get Your Own Spot!

I went on a guided fishing trip for Stripers this past summer and it was amazing to see how when our guide put us on fish and had we had caught a few stripers, how quickly things became crowded with other boats! It was almost as if these other boats had a scout watching to […]

 Christopher Smith

Live Bait For Smallmouth Bass

Is using live bait for smallmouth bass cheating?  Or is it the best way to insure a great day on the water? Tournament fishing has spawned an explosion in artificial baits that us anglers feel we have to have to be successful on the water. There is definitely skill and technique that must be learned […]

 Christopher Smith

How To Fish Large Areas With A Tube For Smallmouth Bass

Many people think that tubes are most useful for fishing targeted areas that are known or suspected of holding smallmouth bass.  They can actually be used in several ways in fishing larger areas to hunt for bass. Tubes can be good search baits as they are often fished close to or near the bottom, can […]

 Christopher Smith

Swimbaits For Smallmouth Bass

In the past year, I have been hearing and seeing more talk about using swimbaits for smallmouth bass.  Most bass fishermen are familiar with swimbaits for largemouth bass, especially out west fishing for big bass. I admit, I had tried some swimbaits while I was targeting smallies in Eastern PA and haven’t had much luck. […]

 Christopher Smith

Fall Spinnerbait Smallmouth Fishing Tips

With the leaves changing and the smallmouth bass gearing up winter, I thought I’d share some fall spinnerbait smallmouth fishing tips from Blaine Mengel. Most smallmouth anglers have a special place in their hearts for the “spinnerbait bite”. When it’s on, the smallies will crush the spinnerbait. It is thought by some that bass think […]

 Christopher Smith

Blades Of Glory: Understanding Spinnerbait Blades

Most smallmouth bass fishermen love catching fish on spinnerbaits.  There is nothing like the way smallies slam the bait.  My question to you is, do you just pick a spinnerbait that looks good or do you understand spinnerbait blades and why one type might be good in a situation over another? Understanding spinnerbait blades Some […]

 Christopher Smith

Get Wacked: Wacky Rigging For Smallmouth Bass

I have to admit, wacky rigging a soft stickbait for smallmouth bass, was not for me.  I fished a lot of river situations and trying to have the patience to let that thing sink drove me nuts.  I’d use Senkos, rigged weedless, fishing for largemouths and occasionally smallmouths but I thought wacky rigging was too […]