Smallmouth Lures

 John Rankin

Go Wacky Worming For Smallmouth Bass

Spring warm up is weeks away for most of us but this does not mean we should wait to get ready. One of the techniques to focus on for plenty of smallmouth bass action this season is the use of stick baits. More specifically we need to get ready to go wacky worming for smallmouth […]

 John Rankin

[video] Many Great Spinnerbaits for Smallmouth Bass

Have you been guilty of thinking a spinnerbait that catches largemouth bass will work on smallmouths as well? If so, don’t feel bad as many fishermen believe this. The problem with this way of thinking is we are fishing for two separate species of fish. Just because both are classed as “bass” does not mean […]

 Christopher Smith

Can You Use Frogs For Smallmouth Bass?

The Frog…not always considered a top option in smallmouth bass fishing. Sure, we use them in largemouth bass fishing a lot. After all, those bucket mouths love to chill around lily pads and frogs are often found in this environment so it seems to be a natural fit. Smallmouth bass tend to hang around in […]

 Christopher Smith

Getting Grubby: Fall Smallie Fishing With Grubs

We all are looking for that secret weapon, that $15 lure or that special sauce that will help us hook up with smallies as things cool down in the winter. Sure jerkbaits work great a lot of the time but the bass seem to be either on them or completely off of them at any […]


Tried And True or Something New? Avoid Tough Bite Syndrome

Guest article by friend of everything-smallmouth, John Kaschak Every bass angler knows when the leaves start to fall its prime time for smallmouth bass. Tried and True As a tournament angler I notice a lot of people sticking with what they know may work, or what the current ‘trend’ is, and this means jerkbaits/spinners for […]

 Christopher Smith

Is The Damiki Anchovy Shad A Secret Weapon?

How many of you have heard of the Damiki Anchovy Shad? Does it catch smallies? I mean, there are only a couple of reviews on Tackle Warehouse, and the baits aren’t available on Basspro or Cabela’s websites. Well, after this past weekend,  the secret may be out. This was All Star Week on the Bassmaster […]

 Christopher Smith

Duo Realis Lure Giveaway!

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 Christopher Smith

Spybaiting Unleashed: Smallmouth Bass

So maybe you’ve heard the talk about spybaiting.  Watch this 30 second clip for a preview: You’re not sure what spybaiting is or how it’s different from other techniques. After all, when you watch a retrieve, it looks like the anglers are just reeling in the bait slowly and not imparting much action to it. […]

 Christopher Smith

How To Repair Your Spinnerbait Skirt

We all know that smallmouth bass can be brutal on spinnerbaits. It often becomes necessary to perform a little rehab when our spinnerbaits have taken a beating or when the skirts have become damaged by time or leaving the baits in a hot car or boat storage compartment. The good news is that skirts, collars […]

 Christopher Smith

Smallmouth Bass Fishing In Clear Water

Some smallmouth bass anglers think that fishing for bronzebacks in clear water is difficult. After all, when the water is clear, isn’t it hard to fool the bass into eating artificial baits? When you fish for smallmouth bass in clear water you have to be willing to vary your strategies if you plan to be […]