Spring smallmouth fishing

 Christopher Smith

Essential Tips For Spring Lake Smallmouth Fishing

The problem When smallmouth bass are moving from their winter locations to their spring prespawn staging areas, there can be great variability from day to day and year to year where bass can be found. One day, there can be no smallies where they should be, the next day, the shelf can be loaded with […]

 John Rankin

Spring Smallmouth Bass Fishing Has Arrived

A common question I hear is “when is the best time to begin fishing for smallmouth bass”? This is a loaded question in several ways because it all depends on where you are thinking of fishing. In the northern climates of the United States and Canada the water temps are still below optimal temps, with […]

 John Rankin

Visit Lake Erie’s Presque Isle Bay in April for Smallmouth Bass Action

I love fishing Lake Erie. Be it the walleye, yellow perch, or for the tremendous smallmouth bass fishing, I try to get in a few trips to this huge fishery a few times a year. Fortunately, I live a short 4 hour drive from Lake Erie and have relatives who live close to the lake, […]

 John Rankin

Tips for Catching Pre-Spawn Smallmouth Bass

Water temperatures are warming to the critical fifty five degree and up level for pre-spawn smallmouth bass to be moving, and leading the pack will be the monster smallies we covet. So what better time than now to get serious about targeting these elusive lunkers? For those who have yet to hit the water this […]

 Christopher Smith

Can You Spybait In Cold River Water For Smallies?

Spring?! Ahh, the first day of spring… Here is Pennsylvania, we should be looking at high temps in the 50s and typically the river water temps are usually in the mid to upper forties by now. With the extended winter weather, it has been impossible for my buddy Kenny V of Reel River Adventures to […]

 John Rankin

Watch Water Temperature When Locating Early Spring Smallmouth Bass

With the rapid approach of spring, many smallmouth fishing fanatics are anticipating wetting their lines for the first time this year. You might be considering where to go on the first outing so we have a few tips for locating early spring smallmouth bass to help you find the best spots. Watch Water Temperatures As with most […]

 Jamie Harris

Dale Hollow Spring 2013

Drop shotting for smallies  in 20 feet of water on the world famous Dale Hollow Lake. Doesn’t get much better than that!

 Christopher Smith

Prime Time For River Smallmouth

As many of you already know, prespawn is an unbelievable time to fish for smallmouth bass in rivers and lakes.  I can tell you first hand that the river smallmouth bass fishing is kicking into high gear here in the east but also throughout the mid-atlantic and midwestern states. Prime time for river smallmouth Many […]

 Christopher Smith

Early Spring Smallies: Are They Sunbathing?

Now that we have lost an hour of sleep and the days are getting longer, it’s time to get after some early spring smallmouth bass. One of the things to remember is that fish are cold-blooded and when water temps are cool, warmer water will attract bass. Early Spring Smallmouth: Sunny side up There are […]

 Christopher Smith

Spring Smallmouth Heaven: Learn These Lake Smallmouth Spring Tips

It’s the time of year to catch some trophy smallmouth bass so get out and go for it. I was reading this article about some of the great smallmouth fisheries in Kentucky and wanted to share these tips with you. What kind of fun can you have in spring??! Let Chris and Blaine show you […]