John Rankin

Spring Smallmouth Bass Fishing Has Arrived

A common question I hear is “when is the best time to begin fishing for smallmouth bass”? This is a loaded question in several ways because it all depends on where you are thinking of fishing. In the northern climates of the United States and Canada the water temps are still below optimal temps, with […]

 Christopher Smith

What’s On Your Top 5 Lures for Smallmouths List?

We all have favorite baits that are our “go to” smallmouth bass lures when the fishing gets tough. To be a more productive fisherman it is important we keep an open mind about all the various lures, and baits available for snagging smallies. To this end, we have listed the top 5 lures for smallmouths, […]

 Christopher Smith

Cold Front Smallies In Fall

The scenario: You plan a fishing trip months in advance. You pay your deposit to the fishing guide and take a few days off of work. You start watching the forecast as the trip gets closer and closer. Stable temperatures, chance of rain in the next few days. Five days before your trip, the forecast […]


Tried And True or Something New? Avoid Tough Bite Syndrome

Guest article by friend of everything-smallmouth, John Kaschak Every bass angler knows when the leaves start to fall its prime time for smallmouth bass. Tried and True As a tournament angler I notice a lot of people sticking with what they know may work, or what the current ‘trend’ is, and this means jerkbaits/spinners for […]

 Christopher Smith

Prime Time For River Smallmouth

As many of you already know, prespawn is an unbelievable time to fish for smallmouth bass in rivers and lakes.  I can tell you first hand that the river smallmouth bass fishing is kicking into high gear here in the east but also throughout the mid-atlantic and midwestern states. Prime time for river smallmouth Many […]

 Christopher Smith

Spring Smallmouth River Fishing Tips

Ahh, spring…a time of renewal and some kick butt smallmouth bass fishing! We thought it would be great time to lay out some spring smallmouth fishing tips to help you catch a personal best smallie this year. Spring Smallmouth River Fishing Tips After a winter of low activity, smallmouth bass in rivers tend to become […]

 Christopher Smith

What Is A Jerkbait and How Is It Fished?

When it comes to catching bass there are all sorts of different baits you can use, including some great lures such as crankbaits, jigs, plastics, spinnerbaits and topwaters. However, one of the very best baits, at just about any time of year, are jerkbaits. If you are new to smallmouth bass fishing, you may be […]

 Christopher Smith

Spring Smallmouth Fishing Tips: Brush Off The Cold And Brush Up Your Skills

As February fades and we move toward spring, many anglers come out of hibernation and get trigger happy to be back on the water. Some of us have braved the elements and fished through the winter but with a new season, comes new opportunities. Let’s take a look at some spring smallmouth fishing tips  on […]

 Christopher Smith

Vote In The Everything-Smallmouth Tackle Awards: Suspending Jerk Baits

What is your favorite suspending jerkbait for smallmouth bass? We all know catching bronzebacks on jerkbaits is a blast and there are too many jerk baits to mention here.  Some of the top sellers are listed below as well as a few lesser known jerks… What say you?  Comment below with your vote and why […]

 Christopher Smith

Jerkbait Fishing Techniques for Smallmouth Bass

Are you confused by jerkbait fishing techniques for smallmouth bass? There are some days that jerkbaits are the only thing that smallmouth bass will go after and if this isn’t part of your arsenal, you are missing a lot of bass, and A LOT OF FUN. There is something about the erratic action of a […]