Christopher Smith

Winter Smallmouth Fishing Deep Lakes – This Is Gold

Golden Winter Smallie Fishing Nuggets I came across this video of some fantastic wintertime deep water smallmouth fishing from Lake Washington and had to share it with you. There’s some great info in the first 4 minutes of this video of two ways to rig your tube/drop shot combo as well as using a crankbait […]

 John Rankin

[video] Smallmouth Bass Fishing In Cold Weather

Are you one of those fishermen who believe smallmouth bass fishing concludes as soon as college football season arrives? If so I am going to tell you about an entirely new world of fishing you are missing. Smallmouth bass fishing in cold weather is much more than a chance to get out of the house and cast […]

 Christopher Smith

Best Live Bait For Winter Smallmouth

In many fisheries around the US, nothing beats live bait for smallmouth bass fishing success in the wintertime.  Many of you may be wondering which live bait is best un cold water conditions. Bass continue to feed year round but they don’t like to work for their food because their metabolism matches the water temperature […]

 Christopher Smith

Fishing For Winter Smallmouth

Fishing for winter smallmouth can be a trying time unless you have become good at understanding winter smallies.  Winter smallmouth fishing is a blast because it is rare to get a dink.  To feel the subtle mush mouth or slight tick of the winter bite and set tthe hook is awesome. Here are some great […]