Smallmouth Fishing

 Christopher Smith

What A Difference A Week Can Make

When you are a smallmouth bass angler, conditions can change so quickly, it’ll make you head spin. The truly excellent anglers can adapt to changes in weather, water conditions, seasons, and bass behavior. What a difference a week can make: weather changes I’ve been lucky the past 2 weeks in being able to fish the […]

 Christopher Smith

Smallmouth Bass Fishing Outlawed!

Attention smallmouth bass anglers! Smallmouth Bass Fishing Outlawed Today, Congress passed and President Obama signed a law banning the targeting and catching of smallmouth bass from April 15th through Oct 15th due to the extreme amount of fun that could be beneficial to your quality of life. We are outraged by this ban and propose […]


Smallmouth Markings

What are the markings on this smallie? This is a questions and picture recently submitted by one of our readers.  These marking are due to a pigment called melanin and are found typically in bass over 12 inches and most often in cold water. These bass tend to be common in the Susquehanna River as […]

 Christopher Smith

Smallmouth Bass Fishing Report March 16, 2013

Hi all, its time for our smallmouth bass fishing report to get you up to date on what is happening in various parts of North America. Some say, “what do I care about what is happening in Tennessee or Virginia when I live in Minnesota? You can earn a lot by looking at the trends […]

 Christopher Smith

Smallmouth bass fishing lures


Sandbag (Slinky) Drift Rigs For Smallmouth Bass

Brett Richardson, well known fishing writer for over 35 years, shares his tips for choosing leader lengths, weights and bait options for using a 3 way rig and a sandbag weight or Lindy snagless sinker for smallmouth bass.  This rig is very easy to set up. You can contact Brett by going to his Facebook […]

 Joe Wagner

Columbia River Gorge Smallies

Caught and released this Smallie in the Columbia River near Starvation Creek May 2nd 2010. Cool and cloudy weather that day with a water temp of about 56 degrees. Lure used was a Strike King Red Eye Shad in the East Texas color pattern. Photo by Deb Melina.

 Christopher Smith

Smallmouth Bass Fishing Report 3.2.2013

As we are moving toward spring, there are reports of more snow on the way but there are also reports of smallmouth bass becoming more active.  This report from Tennessee will show the flicker of spring that we know will be here soon. We like to highlight various fishing reports from around the country, to […]

 Christopher Smith

Are Bass Sensitive To Sunlight? (Fact or Fiction)

There is a common myth that bass are sensitive to sunlight and that they hang out near cover, logs, weeds or go deep to get away from the sun because they have no eyelids. This is probably not the truth, although since we can’t actually ask them, all we can do is speculate. The truth […]

 Christopher Smith

Was This The World’s Largest Smallmouth Bass?

The world record for a smallmouth bass is 11 pounds 15 ounces, and that record has stood for more that half a century. But is this really the largest smallmouth bass ever caught? David Lee Hayes lived with this wife Ruth, and their young son, in Leitchfield, Kentucky. For the past three years the family […]

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